Terra Damnata


Interactive Novel + Augmented Reality Game

Terra Damnata

As the personal servant of the Chief Justice of the Antigone Courts, Archel is well-acquainted with headaches and bodily pain. He's positive that the Chief Justice knows nothing of justice.

Groomed to be Mercury's next Messenger, the voice of the Kaiser, Cassie knows the boy is in danger and she's convinced she's the only one who can save him. Can she cross half of Poterit Don in time?

Whether through his own actions or due damage done him by uniformed thugs at a prison camp, Kent's has no choice but to deal with his PTSD while immersed in a totally different culture.

ZEEMZ Portal

ZEEMZ Portal Key opens an in-game copy of Terra Damnata for use in the Adventure levels. For ease of access, the copy sits on your Library shelf in your Zeemz Laboratory. Use your copy of Terra Damnata in the mini-games to solve puzzles, decode cryptoquips, and level up your ZEEMZ.

The ZEEMZ Portal Key grants the holder alpha-access to Terra Damnata Adventure levels, earn alpha-item drops from play, and a PBTD badge with character bonuses when "Alpha" title is enabled.

Terra Damnata

Book 1 of the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons Series

From October 2015 to October 2016, Terra Damnata was blogged as a weekly serial on the site: book1.pushingbhutons.com. Feel free to read it. ;)

We're seriously revamping Terra Damanta for life as a book.

PBTD presale price : $21 Total

$11 for Terra Damnata ebook + $10 for ZEEMZ Portal Key

Level Unlocked: Kitty Vortex

Welcome Citizen Scientist! You're about to unlock the secrets of the 'Verse. Click on the Kitty Vortex.