Kitty Vortex

Level Unlocked: Kitty Vortex

Dear Citizen Scientist, Your interest in the Exoplanet Anareta Ego is of no surprise. We, at the Zeemz Space Observatory (ZSO), were shocked when we made the discovery. Due to recent innovations in technology, we are opening the AskCo19 Island ZSO to Citizens like you.

[Click Here - TBD] to chart your very own Zeemz Star, add filters, or chance fate. Earn your Citizen Astronomer Certificate today. Zeemz Stars provide in-game boosts for CryptoKitties, including special access to the Zeemz Portal: Kitty Vortex.

Want to harness the Energy of your Zeemz Star? Get a Star Forged Zeemz Collar for your favorite CryptoKitty. And give your entire CryptoKitty Clowder a boost direct from Z Stars. [Click Here - TBD] to learn more.