Ignes Fatui


Interactive Novel + Augmented Reality Game

Ignes Fatui

One day he's an abused servant, the next day, he's inherited the kingdom, as if being a teenager wasn't difficult enough. Archel has two years to put his servile ways aside and find his stride as Kaiser. Will he?

Mercury's Messenger and the Voice of the Kaiser, for Cassie the titles are immaterial, she's got a job to do and that's important. Will she be able to convince the Queen of Poterit Montis to uphold their nation's mutual protection pact?

Overwhelmed by the pressures placed on him to create and perform poetry as the Bard of the Gryphon Kings, Kent runs away. Will he find his way back to his duties?

ZEEMZ Portal Key

ZEEMZ Portal Key opens an in-game copy of Ignes Fatui for use in the Adventure levels. For ease of access, the copy sits on your Library shelf in your Zeemz Laboratory. Use your copy of Ignes Fatui in the mini-games to solve puzzles, decode cryptoquips, and level up your ZEEMZ.

The ZEEMZ Portal Key grants the holder alpha-access to Ignes Fatui Adventure levels, earn alpha-item drops from play, and a PBIF badge with character bonuses when "Alpha" title is enabled.

Ignes Fatui

Book 2 of the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons Series

From October 2016 to June 2017, Ignes Fatui was blogged as a weekly serial on the site: book2.pushingbhutons.com. Feel free to read it. ;)

We're seriously working on the end of Ignes Fatui.

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