Anareta Ego


Interactive Novel + Augmented Reality Game

Anareta Ego

After nearly losing his teenage mind to the frustrations of being a royal youth, Archel has found a friend willing to talk to him "normally." Only, every word that rises to Archel's lips falls short of normal. Has Archel changed too much to have a friend?

Though Cassie has embraced her roles as the Voice and Messenger of the Gryphon Kingdom, she knows she'll need a group of talented minds to help her solve this problem. Will the Chief Justice's diaries hold the keys?

Kent contemplates ripping the chip out of his eye socket, after he realizes the bird sees everything. While his drunken limericks are frequently met with amusement, he's not convinced he's a poet, much less "the Bard." If his loyal guard can't save him from the nightmares that haunt his sleep, can any thing?

ZEEMZ Portal Key

ZEEMZ Portal Key opens an in-game copy of Anareta Ego for use in the Adventure levels. For ease of access, the copy sits on your Library shelf in your Zeemz Laboratory. Use your copy of Anareta Ego in the mini-games to solve puzzles, decode cryptoquips, and level up your ZEEMZ.

The ZEEMZ Portal Key grants the holder alpha-access to Anareta Ego Adventure levels, earn alpha-item drops from play, and a PBAE badge with character bonuses when "Alpha" title is enabled.

Anareta Ego

Book 3 of the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons Series

From October 2022 to June 2023, Anareta Ego will be blogged as a weekly serial on the site: Feel free to read it. ;)

Finley has to finish Ignes Fatui before she can start writing Anareta Ego.

Only 1000 PBAE tokens.

Presale price : $22 Total

$12 for Anareta Ego ebook + $10 for ZEEMZ Portal Key

Level Unlocked: Kitty Vortex

Welcome Citizen Scientist! You're about to unlock the secrets of the 'Verse. Click on the Kitty Vortex.